Lo Que Se Hereda No Se Hurta

My last assignment of college, this is a short found-footage film assembled with clips from the Prelinger Archives Home Movie collection. I have more to say about it here: 

Directed, edited, sound mixed by Nico Vela Page
Created in Dec. 2020, for MCM 0710A, "Introduction to Filmic Practice: Time and Form" with Jennifer Montgomery.
16mm film from https://archive.org/details/prelingerhomemovies

"El Gavilán, Gavilán," by Violeta Parra. Composiciones Para Guitarra, Warner Music Chile, 1999.
"Vasija De Barro," by Duo Benitez Valencia. Vasija de Barro, Discos Nacional, 1956.

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December 14, 2020